Congress Is 80% White, 80% Male

Congress is roughly 80% male and 80% white. The presidency is about to be taken over by another white male and has historically been 100% male and 97% white. The Supreme Court is the most diverse, at 66% male and 77% white. These numbers are the simplest way to see how underrepresented women, people of color, and many other groups are and changing them will be a key goal of RISE.

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  • Frankie Huang
    commented 2016-11-14 20:49:05 -0600
    This makes me think of when Ruth Bader Ginsburg said nine is the right number of women in SCOTUS, because nobody thought it was weird when there were nine men.
  • Dan Ratner
    published this page in Blog 2016-11-12 15:43:43 -0600