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We believe that government should reflect the population, in gender, race and religion.  Right now, that could not be farther from the case.   Congress is 80% white, 80% male and 92% Christian.  We must move in lockstep to make sure that the next generation of politicians reflects who we really are.

We will soon be releasing a "war room" where we will assess the data on all electoral seats across the United States.  Tools and data provided will include:

--an assessment of democratic/republican seats in all federal, state and local governments

--an assessment of diversity demographics in each level (where they are, where they should be)

--an interactive map to see candidates running in each area and their party and background

--a list of RISE candidates that are running in each area

--a list of areas where we need RISE candidates to train, fund and help organize

Until that time, we will do our best to direct you towards who to fund and when.  Here is our first candidate.  

Foster Campbell is a RISE democrat who is running for Senate.  His race ends on December 10, 2016.  The Senate right now is 52 Republicans and 48 democrats.  If we can flip one more seat to democrat, we have more chance of getting real legislation passed, as less republicans have to be turned for each bill.  (1 vs. 2)

Foster is behind his Republican counterpart by quite a bit in the polls.  If you can, contact anyone you know (or can find) in his area, and urge them to vote for him, or donate.  He believes in the RISE principles of gender equality, human rights and climate change.  You can donate here, or join as a volunteer to work the phone banks. 

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